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Condos & Townhomes / Townhouses in Orlando Forida with vacation rentals allowed, for sale to British & international buyers

Condominium / Apartment

Condos for sale in Orlando Florida are generally low maintenance but can have high running costs depending on the efficiency of the condo association. They can be ideal for an Orlando holiday home when located in a resort community with a good choice of communal facilities. Villas can bring higher rent and occupancy although the maintenance, upkeep and running costs may be higher than other types of home.

Town Home / Town House

Orlando town homes and town houses share some of the benefits of detached homes and condos, and typically include exterior maintenance within the homeowner’s association (HOA) dues. They should also have lower utility costs because they share at least one common sidewall with another town home.

You can use our experience to help find your Orlando dream holiday home. We have been visiting Florida from the UK for our family vacation for many years, and have experienced the buying, selling and renting of holiday homes in Florida.

Based in the UK, Orlando Property UK's David Smith is licensed to practice real estate in the state of Florida, USA. And our colleagues in the Orlando office are available to meet you and assist when you are ready to make your inspection visit to Florida.

Your Orlando condo / townhome holiday home

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