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Rental Income, Expenses & Outgoings

We specialize in Orlando holiday homes for UK buyers who want their own place in the Florida sun with rental potential. The right holiday home in the right location can generate a useful rental income which can help to offset expenses and outgoings.

A good way of securing bookings is to work in partnership with a Property Management Company. Also, to increase your rental income, work hard promoting your home yourself. The Management Company will also take care of cleaning and routine maintenance, and keep an eye on your home in your absence.

As a rule of thumb, 40 weeks rental at market rates can generally be expected to cover typical property running and mortgage costs. Do not expect to make a large annual net income from renting out a holiday home - a homeowner's return on investment will mainly come from any increase the property value.

Outgoing costs on a typical rental home in a rental community, managed by a property management company, will usually include the following:

Mortgage payments
Building & contents insurance
Property taxes
Licensing fees
Homeowners' Association fees
Pool maintenance & lawn care
Pest control
Management fees
Cleaning costs
Repairs & maintenance
Wear & tear on furniture & fittings
Accountancy fees